Why Mopo

MOPO Promises

MOPO Promises    

MOPO’s value-add approach allows us to provide high quality service to clients in way that’s faster, simple and more friendly than they ever experienced before. This is our competitive edge.

  •  Best Technology – Our commitment to Best-in-class Tier 1 equipment and also readily have access to every renewable technology available in the market 

  • Quickest Delivery – We are committed to squeezing time out of every step in the process which means you will begin seeing savings quicker than you would with our competitors.  

  •  Lowest Cost – due to flexible finance options & federal and local incentives, we are committed to giving our customers the lowest possible cost while maintaining the highest-quality products.

  •  Most Persionalized Experience – Maximizing the performance of our customers’ homes/businesses requires us to be local and customer-centric.  Therefore our customer always comes first.  With our lifetime customer support, we will always be there when you need us.

  •  Service 24/365 at any location – Everyone deserves access to more affordable energy.  With a very localized business model that allows us to have a global reach to service any home/business in any location to deliver on our promise of ease, accessibility and convenience.

Our Business Model

  • We entered the solar industry with a new approach that allows us to deliver great technology at lower cost with more speed – and we pass those savings in both time and money along to our customers.
  •  At MOPO we focus on controlling the following variables: Location (availability), Technology (quality), Time (speed), Cost (savings) , & Customer experience (personalization).


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